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the process

 Layout Lounge

We created the layout lounge for our customers that are a bit more visual. They know what they are looking for. Yet, they may not know the proper terms for what they are looking for. The layout lounge strives to eliminate this problem, by providing examples for you to simply say, “I like that look and design give me that.”

Select a Layout
Review the categories and select the layout that works best for you. Keep in mind… DON’T get stuck in your industry the layout that you see may just be under another industry. Make sure to look at them all.
Define Content
You will have a need to provide your content. This means you will need to have your copy (words), images, and videos already. Once the layout is selected – you will receive a layout that will provide you with where everything goes and you can just name the “Word” doc, “Pages”doc or Google doc with the copy. All images and video files can be names and they uploaded along with the copy to your client portal.
Time To Build
Here is where we will talk fonts, colors and then you can sit back and we will build your site. Depending on the size of your site and scheduling needs will determine how quickly we will be able to finish.
Review and Refine
Once the build is completed you will have time to review the site and see if you want to make minor adjustments. Due to the fact that most customers select a particular layout for visual and functional purposes, it tends to be very few changes needed. Once the review and refinement are completed. Your site will be published as a LIVE website “READY for the WORLD.”

Some of the Layouts

Defining Content

Hello! I’m LaToya. I’ve Been Building Websites for 9 Years

I am going to provide you with this video that explains what content is. This way no one is lost on terms when talking about websites, and what web designers need. 

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Time to build

Style & Imagery

Deep Grey


Poppins Semibold 32pt

Poppins Regular 24pt

Poppins Regular 16pt

Poppins Bold 14pt

This is the body of your text. This is what a paragraph will look-like throughout your website. You can make all of these fonts the sizes that you want to. Just keep in mind the bigger the font the more space it will take up. However you don’t want it so small that it can’t be read either. You will need to find a happy middle ground. If you are not sure just let the designer know and they can make recommendations for you. 

Review and Refine

Enjoying your finished project

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